Vickar Financial Services

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a car loan rebuild my credit?
Absolutely. A car loan is the best way to establish or re-establish your credit. By making your regularly scheduled car payments you are showing an ability and willingness to adhere to the contract you signed with the lender.

Will I qualify even though I have been bankrupt.
As long as you have complied with the terms of the bankruptcy and have not had any post bankruptcy derogatory credit there is a very good chance you will be approved.

What does “Buy here Pay here” mean?
Buy here pay here means that we are the Bank. This allows us to think outside the box. Sometimes lenders are unable to approve you due to their stringent rules. At Vickar Credit we DO think outside the box and will work with you to structure your loan to suit your needs and ability to pay.

I am a New Canadian. Will I qualify?
We have a very large number of new Canadians in our portfolio. Just because you just got to Canada does not mean you don’t deserve to drive a good quality, late model vehicle. As long as you have a job and can prove your address and income we will do our best to help you.